Group alcohol Addiciton treatment in Pennsylvania talking about recoveryNo other addictive substance is as widely used as alcohol. As a result, most drinkers don’t develop significant problems. Still, millions of Americans develop serious symptoms of alcohol abuse or addiction. If you suffer from a drinking-related problem, you need quality substance abuse treatment. That is by far the safest, most dependable way to recover from your condition.

Treatment for alcohol abuse and alcoholism takes place in alcohol rehab programs. You’ll find such programs across the country. Our premier alcohol rehab center in Pennsylvania can be found at the capital city of Harrisburg. We offer customized plans for residents throughout the state. If you or a loved one need substance abuse treatment, learn more by calling the specialists at Arkview Recovery at 717.744.0756.

Pennsylvania Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center Philosophy

Alcoholism is not the only reason for entering alcohol rehab. You may also need help to recover from non-addicted alcohol abuse.

People with alcoholism have a physical alcohol dependency. They are also psychologically dependent. Non-addicted abuse does not leave you physically dependent on alcohol. Despite this fact, it disrupts at least one key area of your life. Alcoholism and alcohol abuse are basically two sides of the same coin. In fact, it’s common to develop symptoms of both conditions, not just one. Furthermore, the two conditions are so intertwined that they form part of the same illness: alcohol use disorder or AUD. At Arkview recovery we develop our treatment programs to treat the whole self and help empower you to achieve lasting recovery. Many of our treatment plans both incorporate Addiction treatment programs and behavioral therapy to promote lasting recovery.

Treatment for Alcohol Withdrawal

An alcoholism treatment program begins with help to halt your alcohol use. This help is given in detox or detoxification. Detox is necessary because of the withdrawal symptoms that occur when addicted people stop drinking. At the very least, withdrawal is an unpleasant experience. At its absolute worst, it can produce life-threatening health problems.

In supervised detox, trained professionals support you during withdrawal. No matter what types of symptoms you experience, their care helps keep you safe. It also helps limit the impact of your symptoms as much as possible. Detox ends when withdrawal subsides. At this point, you can continue to active alcohol rehab.

Medication for Alcohol Rehab

Medication is a standard option in an alcoholism treatment program. It promotes sobriety by helping you:

  • Overcome any lingering symptoms of alcohol withdrawal
  • Keep your alcohol cravings within a tolerable range
  • Perceive drinking as less pleasurable or unappealing

Three medications are approved for use: acamprosate, disulfiram, and naltrexone. Each of these options supports you in its own way. For this reason, you may receive more than one of them. Be aware that medication works for most people, but not everyone.

Therapy for Alcohol Rehab

Many kinds of therapy are used in alcoholism treatment programs. That’s true because treatments of this type provide a range of benefits. The right therapies can:

  • Reinforce your desire to quit drinking for good
  • Help you set manageable, realistic sobriety goals
  • Address issues in your relationship or family that support problem drinking
  • Make it possible for you to change how you think and feel about alcohol
  • Show you how to adopt healthy behaviors that promote sobriety

There is also a therapy that gets you ready to participate in a self-help group.

Types of Treatment Plans

You may only need medication in alcohol rehab. Conversely, you may only need therapy. But for many people, the combination of medication and therapy works best. These facts explain why effective treatment plans are individualized.

Immerse Yourself in Treatment at Arkview Recovery’s Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

If you are looking for alcohol residential rehab centers in Pennsylvania, Arkview Recovery is ready to assist you. Every day, we provide residents throughout the state with state-of-the-art medication and therapy. Whether you suffer from alcoholism or non-addicted abuse, our customized approach is adaptable to your needs. That’s true even if you have deep, longstanding alcohol problems. For more information, fill out our online form or contact us at 717.744.0756.