People working together to fight AddicitonWhen a drug or alcohol addiction becomes severe, it can be almost impossible for those addicted to stop on their own. Many people with addiction want to quit their habit and may have even tried to stop before without success. If you or someone you care about is stuck in the endless cycle of addiction and wants to pursue a different way of life, Arkview Recovery can help.

Arkview Recovery’s inpatient treatment center in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, is conveniently located for anyone on the East Coast seeking high-quality addiction treatment. Our team of addiction specialists and therapists has years of combined experience with giving people the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle free from drug or alcohol use. We provide a wide range of addiction treatment options, including our residential treatment program.

About Residential Treatment

Depending on the severity of the addiction, our residential treatment program may be the most effective level of care. Once you have decided to enter addiction treatment, the Arkview Recovery team will work with you to determine if residential treatment is right for you.

If so, when you begin recovery at our residential treatment center, you become part of our community. Addiction often isolates people, so the Arkview Recovery residential treatment center is designed so that you are part of a team of like-minded individuals. Our atmosphere is encouraging and judgment-free, so people who have traveled the same path can heal together.

Benefits of Residential Treatment

As you progress through recovery at our inpatient treatment center in Pennsylvania, you begin to feel the benefits almost immediately. Some of the benefits of our residential treatment include:

  • Time to focus – As you progress through recovery in our residential treatment center, you are giving yourself the gift of time away from the stress and pressure of everyday life. This time away gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in treatment and commit to your recovery.
  • Professional supervision – The top priority for our Arkview Recovery team is your safety. Our experienced team will monitor your physical and mental health to ensure that you are safe and comfortable during your stay at Arkview Recovery.
  • Peer support – During your time at Arkview Recovery, you will not only have the emotional support of your team, but you will also build support networks with the people that you meet in treatment. These peers become a valuable resource both during treatment and beyond.
  • Trigger identification – The therapeutic programs available to you during residential treatment will help you identify your triggers, which are people or places that make you want to use drugs or alcohol. Once you have labeled your triggers, our team will teach you strategies that you can use to avoid these triggers in the future.
  • Repaired relationships – Relationships with family and friends are often damaged or destroyed as a result of addiction. Part of our residential treatment program helps you to rebuild these crucial relationships that will be an essential component of your recovery.
  • Enhanced self-confidence – As you work through your treatment plan, you will begin to feel more confident about the steps that you are taking. Addiction treatment takes inner strength, and your mental toughness may surprise you.

Discover How Our Residential Treatment Center Can Change Your Life

The Arkview Recovery residential treatment program in Pennsylvania can be the foundation that people need to begin their long journey toward recovery. If you are battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, our residential treatment center may be the perfect environment for you to step out of your addiction and begin taking care of yourself. Learn more about our residential treatment center by calling our friendly team today at 717.744.0756 or completing our secure online form. Don’t wait any longer to begin feeling better. Contact us today.