people holding hands in group therapyAddiction treatment should be customized to fit the needs of each person in recovery. At Arkview Recovery, our experienced team designs a treatment plan for each individual in our care. If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction, our Arkview Recovery team can help. We provide a wide array of treatment options and therapeutic approaches, all in an effort to give people the most effective addiction treatment possible. One of our treatment options is our partial hospitalization program.

Partial Hospitalization Program Defined

A partial hospitalization program, also known as a PHP, gives people the intensive addiction treatment that they need without requiring an overnight stay. At Arkview Recovery, people who participate in our partial hospitalization program are usually physically and psychologically stable and do not need inpatient hospitalization. Instead, people enrolled in a PHP participate in activities and therapy sessions several times each day. These activities and therapy sessions are designed to enhance a person’s self-esteem, as well as improving decision-making and communication skills.

Also, an individual in our partial hospitalization program is medically monitored during their time in treatment. The safety of the people in our care is our team’s top priority, so we will keep track of your mental and physical health throughout treatment. If medical intervention is required, our team has the expertise to administer medication when necessary.

Further, the Arkview Recovery partial hospitalization program allows you to meet work, school, or family obligations while receiving high-quality addiction treatment. It may be nearly impossible for people to take time off from work to enter into treatment. One of the many advantages of a PHP at Arkview Recovery is that you can continue to keep up with your daily responsibilities while progressing through addiction treatment. You don’t have to put your entire life on hold to end your dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Candidates for a Partial Hospitalization Program

Our Arkview Recovery team will discuss the best treatment options with you, and we will design a treatment plan that best fits your recovery needs. For example, a partial hospitalization program may be the right level of care for you. Typically, people that are good candidates for a partial hospitalization program:

  • Show a genuine desire to actively participate in therapy
  • Have already completed a detox program
  • Are transitioning from a residential treatment program
  • Have stable housing and a supportive network of family and friends

Once a person has shown these traits, a partial hospitalization program may be right for them if:

  • They need intensive therapy but do not meet the criteria for inpatient hospitalization.
  • They require medical follow-up without acute medical treatment needs.
  • They have a co-occurring addiction and mental health condition.
  • They have a desire for an effective transition from the structure of inpatient or residential treatment to outpatient therapy.

If you meet these criteria, the Arkview Recovery partial hospitalization program may be just what you need to address your addiction and learn how to move beyond it. Our team will help you regain your physical strength and restore your mental health as well.

Receive High-Quality Addiction Treatment According to Your Schedule

Arkview Recovery proudly offers one of the most effective partial hospitalization treatment programs in Pennsylvania. Our team will work with you to determine if a partial hospitalization program is right for you. If so, our outstanding staff provides compassionate addiction treatment that will give you the foundation for years of drug and alcohol-free living.

Reach out to our team today for more information about our PHP by calling 717.744.0756 or completing our secure online form. You don’t have to take months away from your family and job to end an addiction. Learn more today.