Couple in family therapyWhen addiction takes over a person’s life, drug or alcohol use becomes the person’s priority. Work, school, or family obligations suffer as a consequence of their use, and the only thing that seems to matter is addiction. As a result of this all-consuming problem, relationships with family are often damaged, or in extreme cases, destroyed altogether.

At Arkview Recovery, we have seen countless situations where addiction has negatively impacted the dynamics and relationships in families. The family education program at our Pennsylvania facility gives people the opportunity to repair and even enhance relationships between family members. If you have strained relationships with family members due to your addiction, reach out to our Arkview Recovery team today. We will work with you to heal broken family relationships as part of your addiction therapy programs.

Family Education Program Overview

Our Arkview Recovery family education program is an essential part of your treatment plan. Our team of addiction specialists and therapists will teach you communication skills that you can use to improve your relationships with family members. Also, our team uses role-playing to allow you to practice these new communication skills in family scenarios. In the past, these family scenarios may have been a trigger for your addiction, so we want to equip you with skills and strategies so that you can have productive and healthy interactions with family members.

Another reason that we emphasize our family education program for addiction is that family members become valuable assets in recovery. There will be times that you will feel urges to fall back into old patterns of behavior that involve drug or alcohol use. Your family can be the people that you rely on to keep you on your recovery journey. They probably know you better than anyone, so they will learn how to talk you through a challenging situation. Family members become part of your relapse prevention plan, so family education sessions may be necessary to rebuild these important relationships.

Goals of the Family Education Program

The Arkview Recovery family education program can be very beneficial for those in addiction treatment. There are many reasons why family involvement is an integral part of the recovery process, including increasing:

  • Knowledge of the nature of addiction and how it affects behavior
  • Knowledge of mental health issues
  • Awareness of family dynamics and interpersonal conflicts
  • Communication among family members

Also, our family education program produces benefits for the person in treatment. Our licensed therapists and addiction treatment specialists will help you learn healthy skills and strategies so that you can:

  • Regain trust in one another
  • Share feelings
  • Identify and set boundaries
  • Improve self-care
  • Identify and express needs

If these goals are met, there is a genuine chance for people to resume relationships with loved ones. Once these relationships with family members are rebuilt, there is a statistically higher chance of sustained recovery for people who have completed treatment. Our Arkview Recovery therapists will help you to learn strategies and skills that can give you the kinds of relationships with your family members that you’ve always wanted.

Restore Relationships With Our Family Education Program

At Arkview Recovery, we believe that healthy family relationships are a crucial part of effective addiction recovery. Therefore, the family education program at Arkview Recovery is a fundamental component of our addiction treatment programs. If your addiction has damaged your connections with family members, our team can help. Reach out to us today to learn more about our family education program for addiction by calling 717.744.0756 or completing our confidential online form. Your family wants you back in their lives without the influence of drugs or alcohol. Take the first step towards this goal today.